The 3 strong trends of the year in our kitchens


By opening the catalog of any kitchen designer, we realize that the possibilities are endless. Organic materials, wood, lacquered doors, everything is possible. But on closer inspection, certain trends emerge in our kitchens. We met Willem Stox, CEO of Ixina who identified some strong trends and noticed that more than ever, the consumer is investing in his kitchen, because it is the central room of the house…

A friendly space

Open spaces, the loft spirit continue to reign over our interiors. The kitchen is therefore a space for meeting and conviviality, which is why the large central island. “The trend is for concrete worktops that are as strong but more modern than stone, and it is easy to clean. Placed on a central island around which we install conviviality, this is what we sell the most”, explains Willem Stox.

This work plan is often extended by a bar or even a high table in the extension of the workspace, because today we want to be able to take advantage of our guests and not to go back and forth in the kitchen without cease.

dark woods

The kitchen doors imprint the whole atmosphere in the room: their color and their texture are a fundamental choice when selecting your new kitchen. After lacquered and ceruse woods, it is now the turn of dark woods to make a comeback. If concrete or black kitchens have been in fashion for a few seasons, this time we want some ribbing: dark woods are popular: yes the same as those of our grandmothers’ rustic kitchens. Willem Stox: “We want kitchens a bit like in the 70s: brown or dark beige wood, we come back to this very strongly”.

A more technological kitchen

“It is no longer uncommon to have several ovens in a kitchen : steam, conventional and microwave, or even plate warmers as in professional kitchens”, explains Willme Stox. The Belgian wants to eat better, therefore cook better, he has understood the benefits of steam cooking and has taken on the tips of the chefs. That’s why more and more kitchen appliances are inspired by professional kitchens, even if it can blow your kitchen budget.

The kitchen has become the centerpiece of our homes, and even more so since confinement. But what materials, what colors, what arrangement to choose? An expert gives us the 3 major current trends in our kitchens.

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