Shower Trays for Your Bathroom: How to Choose One?


Your bathroom is an integral and crucial part of your home. If you are paying much attention to everything that creates your bathroom comfortable and comfortable; you are on the right track. But if you are dodging the bathroom interiors and accessories then rethink. You should look for the best small quartz shower tray online in India for your bathroom. The point is if you are not trying out the best options for your bathroom, you cannot simply experience how it feels.

Once it comes to remodeling your shower, an important decision for you to make is the shower base (or shower floor or even pan as some address it). The point is the base of the shower is absolutely crucial. The point is if your shower is not made of a good quality base and material; it may not be that rewarding. You know the failure of your shower floor tray can actually activate leaking onto the floor below and end up in needing to redo your whole shower and whatever extra repair work is required in the level below.

Shower Tray In Simple Words

The shower tray is a crucial component of your shower enclosure because it simply directs the water flow to the drainage point in the bathroom. You are required to pick the right one that is well-built and even long-lasting. Installation is quite important as well. The quality of the bathroom shower tray is going to count for nothing if its overall installation is amateurish. As the water flows in the direction of least resistance, it is quite challenging to correct the course when the water starts flowing along an incorrect path that’s far from the drainage area. Thus , fitting a shower tray correctly in your bathroom is of paramount importance as it promises swift drainage of water, avert expensive leaks, and even keeps your bathroom watertight.   Here are some points that could help you in selecting the right shower tray for your bathroom. Of course, if you want to buy a quartz shower tray online in India that too is possible once you know what exactly you should get.

Consider the size

The size of the shower tray is going to be an important factor you require to consider before you get to the material. In case the tray is not at all of the right size, water is going to spill out as the tray is going to fail to grip all the water inside. Water is going to then escape from the shower, ending up in mould growth – a general type of water damage. Finally , this could lead to expensive repairs, primarily if you fail to spot the fault right away. Similarly , the growth of mold can trigger serious health problems. Hence , buying the right-sized type of shower tray is of maximum importance.

Consider the Material

The shade and material of your shower tray is going to play an important role. These two aspects can transform a normal bathroom into a stunning type of bathroom. Every material has its perks and even drawbacks. Some of the well-known materials encompass:

  • The Stone Resin Shower Tray is somewhat sturdy and even chic. This is the tray that is built using a blend of crushed stone and even resin. The blend is poured into a mould and even set. The tray is then simply sprayed with a protective layer of gel. A non-slip type of design is even included in their construction. Other than some sort of models being somewhat weighty, there are absolutely no downsides to such stone resin shower trays.
  • Ceramic type of Shower Tray is quite cost-effective and absolutely durable. And just like any bathroom basin, it’s absolutely stained resistant. On the downside, ceramic shower trays are somewhat heavy and even cold to the touch. Manufacturers do prefer stone resin over that of ceramic because the former offers a faster manufacturing procedure. However, for your experience, you can choose that you find it better for your bathroom.
  • Acrylic Shower Tray (even called ABS Shower Tray) is available in a variety of sizes and even shapes. These are cost-effective such as ceramic and absolutely easy to install too. Many people don’t really prefer this material as it’s comparatively flimsy.
  • Acrylic type of Capped Shower Tray offers the rugged strength of a resin tray with a layer of a stylish type of acrylic sheet on top for a premium sort of finish.
  • Marble Shower Tray is going to be somewhat easily the most exclusive shower tray. Classic marble complements any sort of bathroom shower design. However, remember that the identical drawbacks of marble shower trays are that they are somewhat weighty and even expensive.

Decide the shape

Your shower tray requires an ideal fit for your shower enclosure so that all the water stays within . This exact fit relies on the shape of the tray. Different shower tray shapes do suit different bathroom sizes. Some of these shapes can be like:

  • Square Tray is the one that goes well with various different door styles. While the standard size of the square tray simply is 900mm, it’s generally available in dimensions ranging from seven hundred to even one thousand millimetre..
  • Rectangle Tray is mostly going to be bigger and more spacious than any square tray. Most rectangle trays include sliding doors that remove the opening space. This tray is perfect if you like to go for a shower having more space to move around.
  • Quadrant Tray is going to be the perfect as it fits the best into corners as it has a curved sort of front. This unique type of shape forms up a luxury shower space. Since both sliding doors as well as hinged doors go well with the quadrant type of tray, it saves your valuable bathroom space.
  • Other types of Tray Shapes: well, in case your bathroom demands an irregularly-shaped shower tray, don’t simply worry. You can easily select from other non-conventional types of shapes. P- and D-shaped shower trays are going to be the most general shapes you may come across.


To sum up , you can check out the shower trays in the realm of  Quantra Quartz options and ensure you have the perfect one for your bathroom.

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