More than price: choosing the right roofing company


Many factors are considered when deciding on a product or service. The most important factor in deciding which product or service to purchase is price. But is it better to shop around based on price? Let’s not forget the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” which is applicable to roofing companies. While price is an important factor when comparing contractors you need to ensure you are comparing apples-to–apples. Learn more about what you should look for when selecting the right roofing company for your home.

You should look for these characteristics in a top-rated roofing company

We have identified the most important characteristics and red flags you should look for in a roofing company. Your roof is the most important part of your home. It is important to have it installed correctly and on time.

Professionalism and trust

You’ll likely start looking for information about the best roofing contractor once you have made your decision. Answer the following questions while searching.

Are they online and on social media?

How about testimonials from clients?

Do you have a list of references that you can reference?

KCG Roofing and Carpentry Team


Do they respond quickly when you send them an inquiry through their website? The speed at which they respond to your inquiries is often a sign of how well they communicate throughout the project.


Due to demand and supply issues, many roofing contractors book out months in advance. It could indicate a problem if they don’t disclose their wait time. The most reliable contractors are always the busiest. They must also be booked in advance. They should set realistic expectations.

Referrals and Certifications

Roofers should be insured and hold current professional licenses. As you start interacting with them, feel free to ask for these details. Licenses are available via the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Ask roofers if they can provide a list with references that you can call to see their track record. It’s almost like interviewing roofing companies for a job, just like an employer would interview employees. While it’s easy to skip this step, it’s better than having your project fail because you didn’t screen them properly.

Detailed Estimates

Get at least two bids from roofing companies when you are getting estimates. You should choose the bids that include detailed line items. This is especially important if one estimate is significantly lower or higher than the other. If one estimate is significantly higher than the others, you might ask, “What line items have they listed?”

While the cost might be lower, it doesn’t mean that you are comparing apples to apples in terms of scope and price. Ask the roofing company for a more detailed breakdown. Don’t rush to pick the lowest estimate.


Reputable roofing contractors will offer a lifetime warranty on their work. A roofing company should offer a 10-year labor guarantee for new roof installations. If your roof has problems within the first two years of installation, warranties are essential. After making a significant investment, they provide the security you need.

Marketing Approach

The way a roofing company handles its marketing is a key indicator of its business model. Many unscrupulous roofing contractors in Florida have profited from homeowners due to Florida’s past legal loopholes.

It was simple for roofing companies to send roofers to homes to identify old roofs. They would knock on doors and inform homeowners that they could replace their roof at no cost to them. Based on their professional knowledge, they would claim that the roof had suffered significant damage.

Homeowners could unwittingly sign contracts such as Assignments of Benefits. These documents transfer your rights as a policyholder directly to contractors. The AOBs legally made insurance carriers obligated to only work with the contractor.

The contractor could claim the insurance money but not return to do the work, or claim the money and have it denied by the carrier. The contractor can sue the carrier, or go after the homeowner to collect the money. A lien is placed on the homeowners property until the invoice is paid.

These types of scams have become more difficult for contractors due to recent legislative changes. However, homeowners need to be aware of the loopholes in laws.

KCG Roofing and Carpentry’s Difference

KCG Roofing and Carpentry is proud to offer high-quality work in Tampa, Florida. Our goal since our inception has been to fulfill a need for a reliable roofing company in Hillsborough County, which uses high-quality materials and follows industry best practices. KCG Roofing and Carpentry is the best choice when it comes to finding the right roofing company. Contact us for residential roofing repairs and installation. Request an estimate now to get started with your roofing project.

This post was written by a roofing professional at KCG Roofing. KCG Roofing is a premier roofing contractor that does Sarasota roofing! KCG Roofing has the experience and expertise to replace or repair your roof with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. All our roofs are backed by a 15-year leak-free guarantee, the highest in the industry. We have been family-owned and operated for over 40 years.

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