What are the mistakes to avoid that make your bathroom dirty? 6 to know


Discover below 6 mistakes to avoid that make your bathroom dirty , since cleaning this room is one of the most difficult tasks.

Bad habits that are important to forget to do from today to have a cleaner bathroom.

What are the mistakes to avoid that make your bathroom dirty?

1- Leaving wet towels is one of the mistakes to avoid that makes your bathroom dirty

The first bad habit some people have is leaving wet towels on the floor as soon as you get out of the shower .

Leaving these towels on the floor is not healthy at all, since the afternoon or even the next day you will be using the same towel again.

This would not be possible since it is still wet and can cause fungus on the fabric and the floor.

Factors that have consequences on health and hygiene.

2- Forgetting to disinfect the shower

Although the shower is in constant contact with water, soap, shampoo , then it is also in contact with your dirt.

These elements will cause the accumulation of bacteria and fungi, therefore, it must be cleaned regularly.

The best thing is to take the trouble to disinfect the shower with appropriate products for this mission: disinfectant , antibacterial and degreasing products.

3- Always clean with the same cloth

When cleaning, you clean and scrub with a cloth or sponge.

You’ll need to think about giving this cleanse item a one-time use or acquiring a one-time duration item.

I recommend that you use disinfectant wipes to disinfect your bathroom.

These wipes are disposable and also composed of antibacterial and degreasing products.

You can save more since these wipes do not cost you much.

4- Forget cleaning the tiles

Tiles are one of the sources of grease and various dirt in the bathroom.

So, remember to clean the tiles frequently to avoid dirt accumulation.

Here is a simple and effective method, just apply a disinfectant product using a sprayer and wipe them with a cloth.

Rub gently until your tiles are clean and shiny.

5- Do not use a carpet to leave the bathroom

I advise you to use a specific mat or cloth when you get out of the shower.

Why ? First, so that you are not cold in direct contact with the ground but gives you comfort and warmth.

Then, so as not to stain the floor with water and damage it.

So, I recommend that you opt for a rug that is soft and that you can walk on comfortably.

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