Find a good roofer for the construction or renovation of your roof


roofer  creates, maintains and repairs roofs so that they protect buildings against the external elements. He works on the roofs of individual houses or buildings. It intervenes for new constructions, renovations of dwellings and restorations of historical monuments. He can also install the thermal insulation under the roof. Some roofers specialize in green roofs.

After installing the scaffolding and safety devices, the  roofer  generally fixes an  under-roof screen . Then, he prepares the frame according to the future roofing: fixing shingles, hooks, crampons… Finally, he installs the  roofing , makes the connections in particular at the level of the chimneys and installs the  gutters . If necessary, he can also install  roof windows .

The nature of the cover to be laid varies according to geographical, climatic, historical and cultural constraints. The options available are varied: tiles (terracotta, concrete, photovoltaic, etc.), slates (natural or artificial), thatch, metal (steel, zinc, aluminum, etc.).

The different ways to find a good roofer

To choose a  professional roofer  who will carry out your work, you can:

ask those around you  : family, friends, neighbours, some of them may have recently called on a roofer. They are then in the best position to recommend (or not) the services of such and such a company.

use directories  such as the Yellow Pages

search on the internet  : sites dedicated to roofers or more generally to energy saving work thanks to which you can  obtain several free quotes , sites of roofing companies…

Regardless of the method used to  contact roofers , it is recommended to request quotes from at least three different companies.

How to avoid unpleasant surprises?

In order to find the best professional to install or renovate your roof, we recommend:

be wary of door-to-door canvassing  : if a company rings your doorbell informing you that they have noticed serious defects on your roof, do not follow up on their proposals.

avoid free and unplanned diagnoses  : some professionals come to your home unannounced to provide you with a free diagnosis of the condition of your roof. They often conclude that heavy work is to be done.

never sign a quote in a hurry  : companies, which you may have contacted yourself, sometimes offer you promotional offers that end in the coming days. Take the time to think carefully and have several quotes available before you decide.

ask questions to the professionals  : do not hesitate to ask them for references in relation to their roofing work. Find out about the date of creation of the company and the guarantees concerning the services it provides.

How much do roofing services cost?

When installing or renovating a roof, the price of the project mainly depends on:

dimensions of the roof;

the type of roofing (tiles, slates, etc.);

whether or not roof windows are present;

the pitch of the roof;

its accessibility, linked to the number of floors, the presence of balconies, verandas…;

the condition of the roof.

It is therefore strongly advised to request quotes from different roofers to choose the professional who will carry out the work. The  hourly cost of a roofer varies between 40 and 55 € . However, quotes from craftsmen are often expressed in €/m2 of roof. Indeed, the price of the materials is expressed according to the surface to be covered. The average prices per m2 are  between 50 and 110 € .

The average price of roofing materials varies from:

Estimate the cost of your work for free

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