Why You Should Incorporate Rattan Furniture into Your Home


Obviously, authentic rattan is the finest, so let’s examine the top five advantages of having Singapore rattan furniture in your home.

1. Lightweight

Authentic rattan is lightweight, so you will not experience fatigue in your arms to assemble a rattan hanging chair.

It is the ideal choice for the patio, garden, balcony, and other high-traffic spaces. If you choose natural rattan, you will also avoid the unsightly, discoloured markings left by heavy furniture on the floor.

Natural rattan garden furniture is incredibly lightweight, making it the best option for those who frequently rearrange their outdoor furnishings.

You can easily adjust rattan chairs to your preference, and your garden can undergo as many redesigns as you desire. Moreover, if and when you decide to transfer the furniture, you will not suffer from migraines or aching muscles.

2. Minimum Maintenance

Natural rattan is low-maintenance, so you won’t have to exert much effort and time attempting to thoroughly clean that hanging rattan chair. To clean your furniture, all you have to do is take a brush and pass it over each piece.

For improved cleaning, mix some dish detergent with tepid water and occasionally wipe your furniture to leave it with a glossy finish. Although rattan furniture does not get soiled frequently, it is still recommended to sanitise it occasionally.

Once you have finished cleaning, simply lay it out to air. The secret is to be delicate and avoid soaking your rattan furniture to prevent mould from growing. To avoid an irritating, permanent trace, it is also advisable to check for discolouration.

3. Durability

Natural rattan is cultivated in tropical regions under severe conditions, with the vines protecting themselves from the humid climate, rain, and ultraviolet radiation. Your natural rattan chairs will therefore serve the same function.

The outer epidermis of rattan vines, also known as the rattan peel, and the stem, also known as the rattan core, are utilised in the manufacturing process, either for the structural framework or for weaving.

Your furniture is guaranteed to endure various climatic conditions without sustaining injury. Nonetheless, you should check for any potential damage caused by torrential rain. It is unsafe for patio furniture to remain drenched for extended periods, so it is advisable to bring it inside or cover it beforehand.

Natural rattan products are crafted to the highest standards of craftsmanship to last for many years and withstand the elements.

4. Sustainable

Natural rattan’s durability is another cause for its widespread use. The rapid growth of rattan tendrils maintains an eco-friendly equilibrium.

Because it is a lightweight material, fewer shipments can be made, and more rattan can be transported per cargo. As a result, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions during transportation and addresses environmental concerns associated with managing the food supply chain.

Natural rattan is long-lasting and can serve you for many years. Therefore, you will not need to replace it shortly. Therefore the material will be wasted. In contrast to synthetic rattan, natural rattan chairs can be recycled when they become worn out. On the other hand, synthetic rattan is typically discarded in landfills, causing severe environmental damage.

5. Flexible

Natural rattan’s prevalence is largely attributable to its adaptability; consequently, rattan furniture is available in various styles.

Wicker is a medium for the imagination. There are virtually infinite possibilities for weaving patterns with various colours to create fresh, distinctive designs. In addition, rattan vines’ skins and cores can create numerous patterns.

Rattan’s interior may be sturdier than its exterior, but it offers fewer weaving options. However, if the weaving technique is highly regulated, the final product will unquestionably be beautiful. This flexibility also confers elasticity to the furniture, making it supple and pleasant to use.

As long as it is firmly secured, the weave will provide the appropriate level of support. According to the scale of the sofa, each wicker pattern can ideally accommodate the appropriate number of people.

Because natural rattan is difficult to deform, it triumphs in both functionality and aesthetics. With each new trend, you will find new rattan patterns that can transform your living space to match a particular aesthetic.

You can make your furniture stand out by incorporating it into vintage, transitional, rustic, shabby chic, country, mid-century modern, French country, or traditional styles.

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