Creating a Control4 home cinema


Control4 home cinema

Quality audio-visual equipment is essential to any great home cinema. Central to the experience is a high-resolution picture and detailed surround sound, both of which place you right at the heart of the action. But a consideration that often gets overlooked is how all the AV gear is controlled. If operating various elements is overly complicated, the novelty of a home cinema can soon wear off in favour of a straightforward TV in your living room. Here, we explore why creating a Control4 home cinema can make all the difference to your overall experience.

Why choose a Control4 home cinema?

Control4 is one of the most established and capable operating systems on the market. The platform enables you to consolidate a range of settings for multiple elements into one command, which can be executed at the touch of a button. For example, you can drop down a projector, switch on the surround sound, adjust the temperature of the room and dim the lights all at once. In short, you’ll create the perfect viewing environment with minimal effort.

Setting the scene

Your Control4 installer will show you how to create ‘scenes’ that change various settings to your preferences. Do you want the lights in your home cinema to fade slowly as the movie starts and then fade up as the end credits roll? Would you like the temperature to adjust to half a degree warmer or cooler when you press play? These are all things that can be programmed. Similarly, if you need an ‘intermission’ scene for refilling drinks or grabbing more snacks from the kitchen, you can set the lights to illuminate to a dim glow when you press the pause button.

Minimise interruptions

Perhaps the most useful part of Control4 is that it can be used to integrate your home cinema technology with the rest of your smart home automation. If the doorbell rings in the middle of an action sequence, for example, you can see who has arrived without needing to leave your seat. Simply check your smartphone to view the video feed, and even have a brief exchange with the visitor if necessary.

Installing a Control4 home cinema

In order to enjoy maximum benefits from an operating system such as Control4, you’ll need the help of a professional. A Control4 specialist in Kent with Pinnacle and Diamond Dealer status can guarantee the highest standard of work, ensuring your system can respond to even the most complex commands. Authorised Control4 dealers have been comprehensively trained by the brand, and Pinnacle dealers must have completed a certain number of projects to earn that moniker. As such, you can be sure you’ll receive the quality and support you expect both during and after installation.

Many dealers offer full demonstrations of the Control4 system and compatible products and services. Book a consultation to discover what’s possible with this intelligent technology.

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