Baby Change Tables With Drawers Every Aussie Parent Needs


Babies are blessings and organizing the nursery is one exciting activity that parents undertake and when choosing furniture, it is crucial to pick the right one. When it comes to baby change tables with drawers, every Australian parent should consider it as a valuable and necessary investment; thus, we decided to provide you with some useful insights on this topic. It is as simple as having these fashionable items offer a specific area that one has to use for the nappy changes and it has enough shelves to accommodate all the baby equipment. Below, we list some of the best baby change tables with drawers that are available in Australia but are also known around the globe for both functionality and aesthetics.

Why Choose a Baby Change Table With Drawers?

A baby change table with drawers offers several advantages, making it an indispensable part of any nursery:

  1. Convenience:Anything a parent requires in changing the nappy of a child is right there within reach of one’s hand therefore safety is achieved with the hand that does not hold the baby.
  2. Organization:Drawers in bathrooms are effective in sorting nappies, wipes, creams, and clothes among other stuff to avoid messiness and keep them easily accessible whenever the need arises.
  3. Space-saving:The mobility of some of the components of the furniture is another issue; it also aids in space optimization; in the small nurseries, the changing table that comes with a storage cabinet, for instance, negates the need for extra equipment.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal:It is then easy to get a modern change table in different styles and finishes to match your nursery set.

Top Baby Change Tables With Drawers in Australia

Here are some of the best baby change tables with drawers available in Australia, known for their quality, functionality, and style:

Mocka Aspiring Change Table

– Description:This elegant and affordable change table offers three large drawers and a change pad that is built into the design of the table.

– Highlights: Variable in size and simple design, crib with white finish works with most nursery decor, not sparing storage space for frequently needed items. It can be a good one for parents to consider for simplicity and ease of use of the filter.

Boor 3 Drawer Dresser and Change Table

– Description:Known for its elegant design, this piece combines a dresser and change table in one. The removable change tray allows it to transition into a regular dresser as your child grows.

– Highlights:It is consequently made from sustainable Sycamore wood which is strong, resistant, and environmentally friendly. The three large drawers help in storage while the elegance of the design serves to make the crib fashionable and virtually suited for a nursery.

Troll Sun Dresser/Change Table

– Description:Blending the concept of Scandinavian design and utility, the dresser has three deep drawers and a change tray that can be immediately removed as your baby outgrows the need.

– Highlights:Made from solid birch wood, this design provides the durability as well as the look that is sought after. The combined design, the lack of ornaments, and the choice of white color for the furniture make this piece highly suitable for any nursery.

Tips for Choosing the Right Change Table With Drawers

  1. Safety Features:Ensure the change table meets Australian safety standards. Look for features like raised edges on the change pad and sturdy construction.
  2. Storage Needs:Assess how much storage space you need. Consider the number of drawers and whether you need open shelves for quick access to frequently used items.
  3. Material and Durability:Choose a table made from high-quality, durable materials like solid wood. This ensures it will last through the years.
  4. Design and Style:Choose one design that you would like to complement the décor of your nursery. No matter which style one favor be it traditional or contemporary especially a modern and sleek look, one can choose from a myriad of those.
  5. Convertible Options:Consider a change table that can be converted into a regular dresser or storage unit as your child grows. This provides extended use and value for money.


A baby change table with drawers is one convenient item any Australian parent would consider necessary in the nursery room owing to the aesthetic value and functionality that comes with it. Therefore, when choosing a change table, there are important factors to consider which include safety, storage, material and space, and design to arrive at a change table that is suitable for your nursery and serves your needs well. The good news is that having the right change table means you will have all the storage convenient and with the right separation for your baby’s necessities making the process easier and less stressful for both of you.

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